Cloaking in SEO

What is Cloaking in SEO & Different Types of Cloaking

Cloaking in SEO

Cloaking in SEO Don’t we all want your webpage or website to rank on the first search engine results page (SERP)? To achieve this, we just need to optimize your website to qualify for a better ranking. But in search engine optimization this can be a slow process and we don’t want to wait. 

There is an easy way to use the ‘black hat SEO technique’ to catapult the first results of SERP. Also, one such strategy is shrouding in SEO. Let’s discuss more.

What is Cloaking in SEO?CloakinginSEO

Cloaking in SEO is a method used to provide users with content or information that is different from the content submitted to search engine crawlers (i.e. spiders or bots) to improve a website’s search engine ranking for a particular keyword. Cloaking in SEO

What are the different types of cloaking and how is it done?Cloaking SEO

What is Cloaking in SEO & Different Types of Cloaking ?
  • JavaScript cloaking
  • HTTP_REFERER cloaking
  • IP based cloaking
  • User-Agent Cloaking
  • HTTP Accept-language header cloaking

JavaScript Cloaking: Cloaking in SEO

When users with a JavaScript-enabled browser are given one version of the content, users with JavaScript disabled (like search engines) are given another version of the website. 

HTTP_REFERER Clocking: Cloaking in SEO

In this method, the requester’s HTTP_REFERER header is checked and a hidden or unlocked version of the website is provided based on that.

IP-based cloaking: Cloaking in SEO

Each user accessing the website has an IP address based on their location and Internet service. In this, users are redirected to the desired page through a page with good SERP ranking and high traffic volume. To do this, you can use the reverse DNS record (available in your hosting company’s cPanel) to identify the IP address and set up .htaccess to redirect it. This is the most favored technique for shrouding.

User-agent cloaking: Cloaking in SEO

A user-agent is a program (software agent) that acts on behalf of the user. For example, a web browser acts as a user-agent that brings website information to the operating system. At the point when you key in a question, the program sends a code to the worker that will recognize/distinguish the client specialist. If the user-agent is identified as a crawler, the filled content is provided.

HTTP Except-Language Header Cloaking: Cloaking in SEO

This technique checks the user’s HTTP Except-Language header and based on the match result, a specific version of the website is presented. Simply put, if the HTTP accept-language header belongs to a search engine, a full version of the website will be provided.

What are the ways to implement cloaking in SEO?

Let us now understand how clocking works with a few simple pointers:

  • Invisible or Hidden text

This can be done by adding text in the same color as the background so that it is not visible to the human eye.

  • Flash-based Websites

We know that Flash is not recommended as per SEO guidelines. But some websites can’t avoid it. So instead of rebuilding the entire website into simple HTML, they create content-rich webpages and provide them with search engine crawlers and flash pages to visitors. 

  • HTML Rich Websites

Good SEO techniques require a “text to HTML ratio” that is as high as possible. In other words, the webpage must contain more text (content) than your HTML tag. But if someone is writing a short article or post, the text in your HTML ratio will be very low. In order not to redesign their website in such a situation, people choose cloaking to comply with SEO guidelines.

  • Replacement of Java Scripts

Here, a non-JavaScript user can use JavaScript to display content that matches text information in Flash or other multimedia components.

Does ‘White Hat Cloaking’ exist?

The question that is constantly asked is – is there such a thing as white hat cloaking?

Matt Cutts says: Cloaking SEO

He further stated that if any site contains code that differentiates GoogleBot based on user agent or IP address, Google considers it cloaking and may take action on that site. 

This answers our question that there is no such thing as ‘white hat cloaking’ in Google’s webmaster guidelines. So, if someone tells you to use white hat cloaking, don’t be fooled.

What is Google’s penalty for cloaking?

Search engines keep updating their algorithms frequently, and if you use cloaking, they will sooner or later find out and permanently restrict your website from being indexed.

In fact, Google “blacklisted” German carmaker BMW in February 2006 for violating its guidelines. 

Should cloaking be done in SEO?Cloaking SEO

In the search engine optimization (SEO) industry, cloaking is considered a black hat technique that violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If you ask us if you should do cloaking and rank high to deceive crawlers, our answer is no, search engines don’t like to deceive. Furthermore, your website has been crawled many times using different IP addresses and their complex and rigorous algorithm can detect cloaking on your website if you use it.

Be sure to remember the methods we mentioned in this post to know what is understood as cloaking by Google and what is not. Tell us your considerations by adding remarks beneath.

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